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Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:

  • The LEX Requiem

    Directed by Bruno Palma & Alexis Karl
    The LEX Requiem

    A dance of mourning is performed in an ancient town to the Lex Requiem- haunting and mysterious, the dancers are as specters, until they emerge from the shadows in a celebration of their immortality in the fading light of a summer sun.

  • Jones

    Directed by Stacey Maltin

    Aware that her drinking has become destructive, Jones (Marzy Hart) takes a go at living the sober life. Not wanting to be someone else’s problem, she pushes away help and comes face to face with herself and her lack of control.

  • Uber Prize Ride

    Directed by Samantha LL Silver
    Uber Prize Ride

    Game show enthusiast Jeffrey Jepson is determined to turn his side hustle driving Uber into a hit quiz show. He’s enlisted a videographer, written a series of trivia questions, and is on the streets working his contestants. The only problem is, most people just wont play.

  • Walter Treppiedi

    Directed by Elena Bouryka
    Walter Treppiedi

    Walter is an unpleasant man, dirty, a small-time middleman, a third class swindler. He lives in an old station wagon full of dirt and scraps of a lifetime. In that car, Walter eats, sleeps, receives young customers to whom he promises to break into the show business, as long as they are willing to do anything and in exchange for a bribe. His bodyguard is always by his side, he’s too old and smells. He’s own faithful life companion: A Rottweiler named Blackie and he's dying.

  • Shadow Puppet

    Directed by Daniel James McCabe
    Shadow Puppet

    Leda is a survivor. Since recovering from a horrific sexual assault, she has found the strength to move on her with her life, though she's carried the burden of her victimhood in silence and solitude. Some time after, she began a loving, intimate relationship with Will. Over time, she built up the trust in him to reveal her hidden trauma, but has regretted it ever since. Their love now stands on the brink of collapse beneath the weight of this terrible tragedy.

  • 3 Days

    Directed by Julie Sharbutt
    3 Days

    When three women friends sense danger on a camping trip, they keep each other laughing until a horrible twist makes them feel more alone than ever.

  • An Aspirational Space

    Directed by GG Hawkins
    An Aspirational Space

    After her relationship abruptly ends, a woman isolates herself in a new apartment in an attempt to rebuild her life. Her sister recommends a popular self-help guide that focuses on organizing, tidying, and simplifying life, written by an artist-turned-newsletter-writer-turned-influencer. As she falls deeper into the world of the book, the woman finally feels in control of her life for the first time in years - but nothing can stop her as she attempts to obtain and maintain An Aspirational Space.

  • Don’t Be a Baby

    Directed by Emmi Shockley
    Don't Be a Baby

    Billie is a young painter living in New York City. Billie is having 'The Scare.' The big one, the big existential-life-inducing Pregnancy Scare. She calls her long-distance best friend for support.

  • Georgica

    Directed by Kim DeLise

    Sophie spends the summer trying to get pregnant by stealing the sperm of young, attractive male lifeguards and inseminating herself. It is only after we expose her past that we start to realize, maybe she’s not so crazy after all.

  • Sac de Merde

    Directed by Greg Chwerchak
    Sac de Merde

    Based on a true story, 'Sac de Merde' tells the tale of Mazel Mankewicz, an unlucky-in-love, yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker who thinks her luck has changed when she meets the man of her dreams. As it turns out, he might just be full of shit. Literally.

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