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Teatro LATEA

107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002(Map)
November 20, 2019 8:00 pm Get Tickets

Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:

  • Shekinah Glory

    Directed by Kristopher Burke
    Shekinah Glory

    Shekinah Glory is a motivational dramatic film following Kristopher Burke's unexpected diagnosis of bone cancer and the extraordinary journey of his recovery. When life throws everything at Kris he strides on in positivity and vigor to enlighten those around him. Two of his friends from CCNY, Joshua Eichenbaum & Nicolas Luna, choose to edit together and finish his final work of art. This film is a tribute to Kris's beautiful spirit and love of life.

  • Nana’s Room

    Directed by Kaye Tuckerman
    Nana's Room

    When Mia loses her Nana (grandmother) after a lengthy illness she realizes that her loss runs deep. Caring for her Nana had become Mia’s main priority in her life. In doing so Mia has lost her confidence and drive – she has let fear take over. In the wake of Nana’s darkness Mia fights to find a bright light to walk in her purpose.

  • HPV Barbie

    Directed by Aliza Berger
    HPV Barbie

    The goal for HPV Barbie is to use an approachable and comedic tone to educate the masses and help folks feel less alone or frightened if they find out they have HPV and know very little about it. The video has been approved by Registered Nurses in Canada and the US.


    Directed by Miguel Garzon Martinez

    This story is inspired by one of the most important philosophical questions that, I believe, we have all asked ourselves at some point or another: if you could meet God, what questions would you ask? Mauricio has lost his faith and when he unexpectedly encounters a divine creature, he feels compelled to confront her about his painful past.

  • How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    Directed by Tony Clemente Jr
    How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    Bellamy is having a bad day. Watch her make it worse.

  • ALEX

    Directed by Natasha Straley

    A short film about absent parenting and the isolation of non-binary youth.

  • ME 3.769

    Directed by Elaine Del Valle

    A pubescent Latina looks forward to her maturing body but must soon cope with the sexual misconduct of someone she trusts.

  • Night Song

    Directed by Henriett Tunyogi
    Night Song

    The girl who was born of rape, searching for answers from her dying mother of who her father was. Shot on 35 mm. The present story on Fuji film and past is on expired Kodak.


    Directed by Delia E Kelly & Stephen Riscica
    Tumble Dry

    Following his therapist’s advice to be more social, Gary, an aspiring NYC playwright, channels his obsessive compulsive tendencies towards online dating. With his "hit" play 'The Waiting Room' soon approaching, Gary risks exposing himself and his neuroticism to the world. But could this be the key to a real awakening?

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