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Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:


    Directed by Rhett Owen

    BLACKER is a limited comedy series about race and privilege in America that follows Addison Lovingwood, an obnoxious white guy whose life gets turned upside down by some actual black girl magic.


    Directed by Daryl Paris Bright
    Black Girl Poem

    In 'Black Girl Poem,' black women take a surrealist approach in confronting the power dynamic of sexual harassment and catcalling within the African American community. Through poetry, dance, and animation, these black girls explore self empowerment, community accountability, and choosing love above all.

  • Cheer Up, Charlie

    Directed by Carmen LoBue
    Cheer Up, Charlie

    A bright eyed 20-year-old puts her dream on hold to cover her family's medical bills in the fastest way she knows how; dealing drugs.

  • Muse

    Directed by Bettina Campomanes

    A writer is unable to live in the present when his authorial dreams begin to merge with his past.

  • Hanging on a Telephone

    Directed by Billy Rudberg
    Hanging on a Telephone

    Ricky, a self imposed pariah, finds himself in a seedy motel paying a phone sex operator to try to excise the ghosts that haunt him. Hanging on a Telephone is an examination of loneliness, truth, toxic masculinity, and mental health. Depicting how we allow our imperfections to project the worst of us onto others, whether consciously or subconsciously, which allows them to loom over every facet of our lives, warping reality, and creating a new narrative to hide from our true selves.

  • Cadence

    Directed by Jonny Lewis

    Comedy. A young female recruit complains to the major about the horrible racist cadence they chant while marching. But her objections are not what one might think.

  • Happy People Anonymous

    Directed by Gabrielle Adkins
    Happy People Anonymous

    A story about a woman so happy all the time that she must hide her joy so as not to make other people uncomfortable.

  • Shopping For Love

    Directed by Mark St. Cyr
    Shopping For Love

    A dawdling gift store clerk gets an unexpected second shot at love, thanks to the mysterious gift item "The Love Tester."

  • Someone New

    Directed by Monica Ammerman
    Someone New

    Adapted from Arthur Schnitzler’s infamously scandalous stage-play “La Ronde”, each episode depicts the moments leading up to and immediately following a sexual encounter between two people. Each couple is faced with the realities of expectation and consent as they navigate the minefield of heterosexual dating. This playful exploration of identity and desire asks the question: How do we build relationship when what we want changes as often as we do?

  • Catch A Girl

    Directed by LeRon E. Lee
    Catch A Girl

    With his elementary understanding of courtship, 11-year old Darius meets up with friends that conspire to play a popular “predator vs. prey” childhood game, targeted to take advantage of girls.


    Directed by Angelina Vania Hadiputri & Amy Tang
    Game On

    A boy’s encounter with a mysterious claw machine leads to a chase with a monster in a vintage game arcade.

  • JOE.

    Directed by Kaye Tuckerman

    A newly hired barista meets the man of her dreams on the street and instinctively lies about what is paying the bills, but things turn awkward when she discovers his favorite coffee shop is also where she works.

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