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Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:

  • Steve Buduo

    Directed by Matthew Echelman
    Steve Buduo

    What is the difference between a monumental sculpture and something that is just big? Why can something really small in size feel monumental? This short documentary takes you into the mind of Brooklyn-based artist and sculptor, Steve Buduo, as he explores the meaning of monumentally in his work.

  • California Girls

    Directed by Laura Hinman
    California Girls

    This short documentary follows the work of Tiffany Adams, an artist who is indigenous to California. Her performance piece, paintings and jewelry are all tied to her responsibilities as a Native woman. Through artistic expression, Tiffany shares the endurance required to maintain her traditions in a contemporary setting.

  • Sean From The Rock

    Directed by Max Quill & Alex Riccio
    Sean From The Rock

    An underground musician from the Rockaways in NY struggles to find time for his life as an artist in the midst of his last semester at college.

  • A Night Without

    Directed by Itamar Isaak
    A Night Without

    A sleepless father, in danger of losing his sanity, is hopelessly trying to put his crying baby to sleep.

  • The Right Night

    Directed by Jeremias Nussbaum
    The Right Night

    Sacha lives alone in his car by the river. One day he walks, as usual, on the cemetery walls, when his path is disrupted by Sam’s presence. Sitting alone, staring into space, she’s having dark thoughts… This bittersweet tale describes the encounter of two lost souls and tackles the question of life and death in a surprisingly light-hearted and quirky tone.

  • Time Can Break Your Heart

    Directed by Paul Schwartz
    Time Can Break Your Heart

    When an older man visits a young woman in a beautiful garden, we come to understand the fragility of memory and the power of love.


    Directed by Steven St. Pierre

    Corey is attempting to move forward with his life and take care of his daughter after being abandoned by his drug abusing wife Moriah. On this night he is in for a surprise when there's a sudden knock at the door.


    Directed by Thiago Micalopulos

    Somewhere in the Peloponnese, thousands of years ago, a vigilante driven by haunting memories faces a relentless foe. Still struggling with her fears, a violent tale of redemption unfolds. Some things are not meant to be kept buried. Fearless is an award winning short animated film created by Thiago Micalopulos and Carolina Romano, with original score by Jeremy Flinders.

  • Dangerous Man The Series

    Directed by Joey Ahlbum & Frank Linkoff
    Dangerous Man The Series

    Dangerous man is an animated comedy series based on the great Noir Cinema of the of the 40's, 50's and 60's with all of it's private detectives, sidekicks, shady characters and smart dangerous woman. Noir Cinema is always dark, dangerous and fatalistic but also had a razor sharp quick wit and a comedic edge as well. Dangerous man celebrates Noir Cinema in all it's variety which continues to have a lasting effect on cinema and culture worldwide and the adventures of Dangerous Man is part of that great tradition.

  • Demon Hunters

    Directed by Nate Ziller
    Demon Hunters

    Jerry von Slayerheim, a passionate modern-day demon hunter, strives to be a hero. In his world, demons are the manifestations of humanity’s darkest emotions and evil desires come to life. Jerry is told his job’s in jeopardy because he hasn't been killing enough demons. In fact, he's an absolutely terrible demon hunter. He’s given one last chance by his boss to prove himself. If he fails this special mission, his life as he knows it will be over.

  • Bierleichen Das Movie

    Directed by Adam Zuniga, Derek Ingber & Jeremy Batchelor
    Bierleichen Das Movie

    A Guy and Friend walk into a bar...'Bierleichen Das Movie' (translation = beer corpse) is an ode to heavy metal bars in New York City, cast entirely with people in the local beer scene. The camera follows a character named Guy from Bierleichen the bar, where he’s presented with a glowing green brew, to world famous Duff's Brooklyn. It's a glimpse of craft beer and heavy metal culture in NYC while they still exist. Our hope is you have as much fun watching as we did filming. Prost!

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