Opening Night Party – Bowery Electric

The Bowery Electric

327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003(Map)
November 10, 2021 6:30 pm Get Tickets

Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:

  • (Call Me When You Learn How to Use That) DICK!

    Directed by Bryn Woznicki
    (Call Me When You Learn How to Use That) DICK!

    Born of a refusal to tolerate male mediocrity, (Call Me When You Learn How to Use That) DICK! is fun, radical, femme expression delivered with comedic edge and an absolute earworm of a chorus that oozes riot grrrl energy. For centuries women have been forced to take a backseat when it came to sexual pleasure and (Call Me When You Learn How to Use That) DICK! is the flamboyant rally cry that demands more from men than the bare minimum. (Call Me When You Learn How to Use That) DICK! declares that effort, not size, is why men are coming up short and women aren't coming at all.

  • Ruby’s Song

    Directed by Walter Santucci
    Ruby's Song

    “Ruby’s Song” is a bizarre, funny and wildly original animated music video made for the Detroit Illharmonic Symphony. It’s an infectious and very unique blast of punk rock energy, an incredible two minute tsunami of music and color.

  • Don’t Die

    Directed by Greg Doble
    Don't Die

    Luke, Ross and Kyle, also known as the alternative rock band, The Dirty Nil, stumble upon a fortune telling wizard. What damage does their future hold?

  • Los Búmerans “Extraña Suerte”

    Directed by Juanchi González
    Los Bumerans Extrana Suerte

    A serendipitous encounter through the headlights of a car creates an unexpected connection between two strangers.

  • Co-Op

    Directed by Nina Sanchez Miller

    This song was written as part of a Capstone Project based on Cooperative Businesses in Urban Communities. This initiative is being constructed to promote economic sustainability in urban communities.

  • Savage Tropics

    Directed by Jorge Chafey & Juan J. Garcia Perez
    Savage Tropics

    The amazing dancer and performer Pia Love takes us in an amazing journey through four different ruins around Puerto Rico. The movement in locations along with the changes in costumes invoke themes pertaining to the power of transformation, the celebration of the past, and the strength and resilience in the face of adversity. The combination between the music, the dancing, the cinematography and the costumes make this an unforgettable cinematic tour de force.

  • Jayne County & Am Taylor “I Don’t Fit In Anywhere”

    Directed by Video Rahim
    Jayne County & Am Taylor I Don't Fit In Anywhere

    “I Don’t Fit In Anywhere” is a rock anthem for all the misfits and outcasts pushed to the margins of society, made to feel different, ashamed and excluded. Co-written by punk rock icon, Jayne County, rock’s first openly transgendered vocalist, and singer/songwriter, Am Taylor.

  • Rosetta

    Directed by Ukweli Roach

    Rosetta explores the issues of Perspective, and how that affects Interpretation. It deals with opposites; Greed vs Sacrifice; Selfishness vs Altruism; Hate vs Love. Please enjoy and interpret how you will... BirdGang Ltd are movement architects, bringing their spirit, craft and live experience to brands, audiences and pupils around the world.


    Directed by Natalie Plaskura

    Something disturbing is brewing out there. Strange figures appear. They are gathering. What do they want? Is it a menace or is it the salvation? The rise of the grouse king begins.

  • Pointillism

    Directed by Henry Nelson

    A music video for the song Pointillism by Owen H Frankel.

Award Winners

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