Make Your Move (Fall 2019)

Teatro LATEA

107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002(Map)
November 20, 2019 6:00 pm Get Tickets

Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:

  • ISO

    Directed by Coco Tolentino

    A short psychological thriller about two experimental patients who find themselves isolated in empty, white rooms.

  • Roasted

    Directed by Allan Washington

    Roasted by Allan Washington.


    Directed by Dewen Yang

    The dark tale of the night a twenty-eight-year-old Chinese delivery man discovers physical abuse while bringing food to an NYC apartment.. and the conflict he faces of what to do about it...

  • Know Me So Well

    Directed by Starr Nathan
    Know Me So Well

    When a Brooklyn-dwelling British woman in her late 20s realizes her relationship has run its course, she decides to explore a new romance, sending her on a journey of self-love, regret, and heartbreaking consequences.

  • Below The Belt

    Directed by Mark St. Cyr
    Below The Belt

    A boxer suffering from toxic masculinity battles his ego with unorthodox methods from his female training partner, in order to be a better father and fighter.

  • Strut

    Directed by Misha Calvert

    A reclusive nerd embarks a journey to self-confidence by forming a successful escorting agency with her three best friends. Based on real women.

  • Sucked In

    Directed by Courtney J. Camerota

    A young woman arrives home late one night to find a dangerous intruder frantically rummaging through her New York City apartment. When her roommate arrives, things take an unexpected turn.

  • Fakers

    Directed by Ryan DeNardo & Thaddeus McCants

    Mark and T are two dudes who tell convenient lies to get ahead and get laid. When they meet women who see through their bulls*** they wind up getting woke and stumbling into a job they can't handle.

Award Winners

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