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December 14, 2020 7:00 pm Get Tickets

Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:

  • Wake Up Call

    Directed by Harsh Pundit

    On a typical morning in a typical city, a strange alarm breaks out.

  • COLIN-19

    Directed by Gemma Rigg

    A stop motion comedy about a coronavirus microbe. Colin always wanted to travel, but he didn't realise his selfish actions would cause the next plague.

  • Every Day

    Directed by Sergei Iliutin
    Every Day

    A stop motion film from Konakovo Russia about how the days pass in quarantine.

  • Love in A State of Emergency

    Directed by Sven Jähnert and Matthew Russell

    A pair of New Yorkers have a one night stand at the dawn of the coronavirus outbreak. Only one will win.

  • CoVID Antidote

    Directed by Marat Narimanov
    CoVID Antidote

    An animated film about the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures to be taken by people who want to survive it.


    Directed by Altay Erlik

    Burak (20) lives in Istanbul Turkey. During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, his girlfriend Ozlem's (20) period is delayed. While there is a #curfew now, they try to find a solution considering the country they live in.

  • Glove

    Directed by Hassan Mokhtari

    Wear Glove for the Love

  • Murphy’s Law n°2

    Directed by Valerio Galli
    Murphy's Law n°2

    A guy, locked at home for the Covid-19 emergency, reflects on the moment the world is living.

  • Con Las Manos

    Directed by Román Reyes
    Con Las Manos

    Many professionals are in the front line of fire in the fight against COVID19 - Coronavirus. At 8pm they come out to applaud, they are called heroes and heroines. But there is something else they should receive.

  • Lyte ‘N Foamy

    Directed by Jeremy Mowery
    Lyte 'N Foamy

    Lyte 'N Foamy is a short music video I made as my initial reaction to COVID-19. A few days before the stay at home order was issued, I was in the bathroom at the university where I teach and saw a soap dispenser which had the brand name, ‘Lite and Foamy,’ which sparked the idea.

  • Mission COVID-19

    Directed by Peter Vadocz
    Mission COVID-19

    No question, we live in a historical time, where the average people are one type of the heroes, who can understand the hazards of this invisible danger and can show self-restraint and renounce many things of the normal life. The mission is very hard and very easy at the same time: only to step back and stay at home.

  • Wear A Mask

    Directed by Rick Knief
    Wear A Mask

    To help get the word out that wearing a mask can help slow the spread of COVID-19, we created this commercial for the New York Tough ‘wear a mask’ PSA contest. The contest was issued by the Governor of NY.

  • Liberty

    Directed by André Rodrigues

    A micro short film produced during the quarantine in Brazil. It deals with freedom and how it impacts society. Freedom means the right to come and go, according to one's will, as long as it doesn't harm another person.

  • Constraint-19

    Directed by Werther Germondari

    Security remedies for the Covid-19 virus can hide more.

  • Quarantined

    Directed by Christopher Guzzo

    A spoof on a sitcom show's intro about being quarantined.

  • Certain Uncertainties

    Directed by Tarana Peaches
    Certain Uncertainties

    A deceivingly wimpy man musters the courage to confront Jesus on His involvement in the spread of the coronavirus. But Jesus' unexpected response changes the wimp's entire perspective.

  • Walking & Talking

    Directed by Jay Zellman and Brent Katz
    Walking and Talking

    A short satire about two guys catching up while practicing social distancing.

  • Roll Out: A COVID-19 Story

    Directed by Jordan X. Waterworth
    Roll Out - A COVID-19 Story

    A post apocalyptic coronavirus PSA. Explore a grim future where the last survivors of COVID-19 must fight and die over the lost relics of a dead world.

  • Quarantine Chorus

    Directed by Edoardo Sartori
    Quarantine Chorus

    During quarantine a downcast guitarist is vexed by his cheerful neighbour’s tambourine. Can a little girl give the musicians a reason to play in harmony?

  • The Poster

    Directed by Mohammad Jahani
    The Poster

    The story of a man who doesn't take Covid-19 warnings seriously.

  • Trapped

    Directed by Jimmy Castro

    Two brothers have been #trapped during the government bombardment to combat the spread of the virus.

  • Modern War

    Directed by Coco Tolentino
    Modern War

    As the world goes to a halt, the battle for total righteousness lives on, now and forever.

  • The Mission

    Directed by Matt Wilson
    The Mission

    Even state-mandated quarantine can’t stop mortal enemies from an epic fight to the death… but maybe Coronavirus can. Filmed from quarantine on an iPhone with a swiffer as a tripod, this intense battle for the ages will leave you gasping for breath (but please don't breathe on me).

  • Abandoned

    Directed by Brian Ratigan

    Looking back, one last time. A collaborative work by Non Films.

  • The Year is 2020

    Directed by Max Roach
    The Year Is 2020

    During an apocalypse it’s everyone for themselves, suburban paradise has developed into a war zone … No one is safe when you can’t see nobody.

  • Working to Death

    Directed by Vincent Augusto
    Working To Death

    A solitary writer takes advantage of the lockdown to finally write his masterpiece novel, but his commitment goes as far as neglecting his primary needs and he pushes himself to the limit - to unexpected results.

  • Stay Woke

    Directed by Nickson Kamau
    Stay Woke

    In this world filled with technology, people are struggling with a lot of social and mental issues than ever before. This has forced nature to forge a solution.

  • Alex and Mr. Fluffkins

    Directed by Adeena Grubb and Andy Biddle
    Alex & Mr. Fluffkins

    With quarantine loosening and lifting in places, Alex and his cat Mr Fluffkins have been having a pretty chilled time, but life is about to change for these two... or is it?

  • MADBEN – Grief, dance to death

    Directed by Nobrain
    MADBEN - Grief, dance to death

    A soldier wakes in a desert landscape. Completely lost, he walks for weeks before encountering a mysterious object.

  • Bohemian Groove

    Directed by Bradley Dugdale Jr.

    Devious doughnuts and ancient rhythms await those who stumble into the Bohemian Groove! What starts out as a fun dinner party soon takes an increasingly frantic turn. Will anyone make it out with their sanity intact?

  • Lost Souls

    Directed by Luigi Calabrese
    Lost Souls

    A young man morns the lost of a love one through the recreation of a renaissance painting.

  • You’re Afraid

    Directed by Benji Allred
    You're Afraid

    Music video for Tishmal's Single "You're Afraid"


    Directed by Bryan Burton

    A pop(-culture) musical short, PUSH THE POINT follows four online gamers through their squad-based mission. Harder than defeating the red team, however, is sticking together while trying to navigate toxicity, super-fandom, and the futility of having an argument on the internet.

  • S.O.S. – A Stop Motion Music Video

    Directed by Jeremy Mowery
    S.O.S. - A Stop Motion Music Video

    A young punk band grapples with the decision to pursue their passion for music to escape a world of horror found within their own video game.

  • Fantasy Killer

    Directed by Ivan Anderson & John Marty

    This music video is meant to feel like the musical equivalent of taking video game drugs. Glitchy, frantic, and insanely brightly colored, the whole thing was inspired by the wide-eyed yearning of middle school. There's also a rocket car made out of orange juice, which is weirdly beautiful, and which stands as a brute-force reminder that reality is a hologram.

  • Fool For Your Love

    Directed by Odeya Rush
    Fool For Your Love

    Join Scooter on a journey into his own imagination.

  • With Your Body

    Directed by Wynn Harrison
    With Your Body

    When a woman's boyfriend suddenly and tragically dies, she struggles to let go and finds her own way of keeping the romance 'alive'.

  • Shapeshifter

    Directed by Ned Wolfgang Kelly

    A bedroom cheerleading practice turns sinister and hallucinogenic, after an encounter with a suspicious bottle of slimy pink potion.

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