Closing Night – Live Music & Awards Party

The Bowery Electric

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November 19, 2022 7:00 pm Get Tickets

Bowery Film Festival is proud to screen the following selections:

  • MeTube: August sings ‘Una furtiva lagrima’

    Directed by Daniel Moshel
    MeTube: August sings Una furtiva lagrima

    The third part of the internationally award-winning MeTube short film series. This time the intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and orchestrate their final adventure in an opulent manner.

  • Ride Of The Devils Teeth

    Directed by Jon Hanusa
    Ride Of The Devils Teeth

    Ride of the Devils Teeth is one of those rare songs for us that took a LONG time to write. We went through a few iterations over the course of many months, but once it clicked it immediately fit into the Chong Li world that we were envisioning. The galloping drums immediately conjured images of a gang of thieves on horseback riding through the desert in the moonlight. Made with no budget, the video follows along with that thought of galloping horses. Having loosely talked about a Chong Li storyline for the album, this video represents ‘Chong’ as an unstoppable force of violent intensity and punches to the face. Overall, we wanted to convey a fun, hallucinogenic series of images that invoke the likes of the old west, feudal japan, post-apocalyptic hellscapes, and mythological monsters.

  • Times

    Directed by Eyal Lerman
    Ronnie Riggles

    Official Video for "Times" by Ronnie Riggles from the album Cost of Living.

  • Imma Gonna Go to Hell When I Die

    Directed by Jeff Shipman
    Imma Gonna Go to Hell When I Die

    Official Music Video for Jayne County and The Electrick Queers song “Imma Gonna Go To Hell When I Die”


    Directed by Luis Villanueva

    Pécho is a bilingual French-English music video inspired by classic French disco and world cinema from Hong Kong to Manila to New York. A non-linear narrative drives the film’s plot as it paints the artists into an imaginative, hallucinatory vignette of love and betrayal. The film was also an inclusive production, with Asian, LGBTQIA+, and Disabled representation in both the cast and crew, breaking boundaries and forging new pathways in music video production.

  • How

    Directed by Vasilios Papaioannu

    "How" is a music video for Leo Crandall's song with the same title included in the album "Unknowable and Stunning Thing". The video was shot in Super8 and 16mm in various rooms, roads, cars and planes, in Siena, Thessaloniki, Athens, Rome, Brooklyn, Syracuse; in between spaces, always on the move with the body or the mind.

  • A Feast That Never Comes

    Directed by Maria Juranic
    A Feast That Never Comes

    Four characters inhabit cycles within cycles of contentment, discontentment, inertia, movement, desire, and betrayal. A story emerges—told through the marriage of music (Ex-Fiancée) and dance (ChrisMastersDance)—functioning as a set of nesting dolls, inviting you to uncover as many layers as you wish.

  • Show Up Jenny Sometime

    Directed by Zoe Map
    Show Up Jenny Sometime

    Enter a surreal scenario, where time and narrative are unknown. This dreamy atmosphere has a suspended cadence, a rhythm of its own making. As the journey moves ever closer, details of this bizarre interior gradually begin to unfold. Redundant actions caught in an intervallic tape loop dance upon the screen. Forward and backward we move through this distorted reality. But is the fidelity that unlike our everyday "normal"? IS THIS ALL A SIMULATION???

  • Part Time Lover

    Directed by Dylan Rizzo & Ewan Creed
    Part Time Lover

    Zoë Fromer's electrifying debut single, "Part Time Lover," is a slinky disco-pop anthem for dejected dating-app denizens. Synths twinkle and guitars twang as the 35-millimeter music video follows her and a cheeky ghost navigating love and life in an apartment.

  • It Won’t Be Love

    Directed by Samantha Dagnino
    It Won't Be Love

    Fairy tales aren’t made of true love, they’re made of fiction, and the credits begin to roll right after the courting period ends,” says songwriter/lead vocalist Jeremy Fury. “The musical bed of ‘It Won’t Be Love’ might sound like idealized romance, but lyrically the song celebrates finding a temporary companion. I’m fine with it as are most people hunting for their soulmate on Tinder or Hinge. I’m just saying we don’t have to kid ourselves that it’s anything more than that.

  • Blue Hour

    Directed by Hector Perez
    Blue Hour

    "Blue Hour" is The Silk War's new single off their debut full-length album "Come Evening"

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