Voice Of The Monolith

Voice of The Monolith

Directed by Bryan Edwards

Genre: Short Films

Voice of the Monolith is a musical short film about gentrification in rapidly changing Crown Heights, told through the voices of a Black punk rocker new to the neighborhood, and a Brooklyn raised rapper with a chip on his shoulder. The outsider, O.G., is a recent transplant to Crown Heights and runs afoul of the Marlon, a neighborhood local who is trying to protect his through intimidation. Marlon’s exertion of pressure unleashes in the song Bad Block as he tries to set O.G. in his place as an outsider that doesn't belong. Set against interaction of O.G. and Marlon is O.G.’s band, the Spades. Both D.D. and Rob are tired of being in a cover band and want O.G. to create new music. This need for new music comes to a head in the song Say Something, as D.D. pleads to O.G. about their need for music that has a message about what's going on in their scene and the world at large. With the pressure coming at all sides O.G. begins to crack and unleashes his feelings in the climactic song De-gentify.

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