Terraza 7

Terazza 7

Directed by Carlos Freire

Category: Short Films

Terraza 7 is a bar located in Jackson Heights, New York. It opened its doors in 2002, always with the promise of bringing us a show case of different cultures. Here the customers can find not only drinks and music, but Terraza 7 also opens its customers' eyes to a wide arrange of artistic expressions like music, poetry, paintings, and film. Also, Terraza 7 is a political platform for the Latino community in New York City. On its walls there is valuable art that has been produced by various emerging artists that leave their footprints as they transition to other artistic opportunities. After 14 years, Terraza 7 is about to shut its doors. Jackson Heights is a growing and developing community and it makes it harder for Terraza 7 to survive and to continue with its legacy. The community members are in denial to the resolution of closing Terraza 7’s doors.

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