Directed by Kyle Andrews

NYC Premiere
Category: Music Videos

Kill is the latest music video of the self-described 'Lazy Punk'- band WHAT WOULD TILDA SWINTON DO. The band gathers around an elaborate dinner table portraying the members of a bourgeois yet average family. Bloody steaks and well-done meats, phallic vegetables, various kinds of bread and rich sweet dishes are calling to mind images of an opulent feast of a Caravaggio painting or an Arcimboldo study. No one dares to make make eye contact with one another. You can cut the tension in the air with a knife. By slowly zooming in on each performer’s face, we dive into their fantasies: each person playing brutally with the food that surrounds them - stabbing the steak, slashing the vegetables, ripping the bread cold-bloodedly. All are metaphorical acts of violence against the other “family members”. As the song becomes faster and louder, the zooms become faster and the violence intensifies. At the climax, the band members break out of their imaginative circumstances and start a food fight in reality - deconstructing the dinner table and the scene completely.

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