140 Characters

140 Characters

Directed by Dean WInkler, Maureen Nappi & Donald S. Butler

Genre: Short Films

The world we're living in is not the one we were promised. Why did we get Twitter instead of intelligent media that enhances society? Why are we developing apps instead of hardware? All enabled by our so-called 'smart phones' which trap us like the prisoners in Plato's cave -- detached from reality and unaware. We used this as a basis for creating abstract imagery, referencing everything from Aboriginal art to 1940s/1950s television to EDM/Rave culture. Perhaps described as psychedelic, synthenesia, visual music -- our goal is to allow viewers to derive their own meaning from our premise as they travel through the flow of images.

There are film festivals aplenty in New York, but none with quite so much local flavor as the new Bowery Film Festival
– Bedford and Bowery